Creative Learning through the Arts Program (CLAP)


Creative Learning And Performing Arts, LLC (CLAP Arts!) is an organization specializing in educational and entertaining performing arts programs for children of all ages, abilities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Services focus on after-school enrichment courses, school day programs supporting core curriculum, and special events.

CLAP Arts' programs nurture children's self-esteem and encourage exploration of their creativity. Enriching courses and informative themes expose students to various forms of performing arts that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoy.

CLAP Arts' vision was born of our unwavering passion for children and love for the arts. Programs are designed to develop the creative spirit inherent in all children through the wonder of performing arts.

As one of the premier performing arts organizations in the Bay Area, CLAP Arts is always looking for new places to meet smiling young faces and share our craft. Contact your local school, community center or recreation department and ask about our programs. If we are not already there, please give us a call.