Chef Koochooloo is an international educational platform that teaches kids STEAM through cooking via interactive mobile devices, as well as a web application and enrichment classes in elementary schools, private homes, and community centers.

Our after school program blends humanity’s oldest means of socialization—cooking and eating together—with its most modern lessons. Our master chefs lead classes leveraging our iPad application, framed around recipes from a specific country or culture. As we prepare food together, kids learn about cooking-related math and science skills, and social-responsibility. Additionally, we emphasize healthy cooking techniques. Most after school sessions are one hour long, unless the school requests a two hour program. Our teachers have been trained in food safety and culinary arts. Each classroom experience includes a food science experiment, and a fun unique geography lesson.

Our class instructors are experienced in teaching children from diverse background and special needs. Please contact for details.


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Olivia Arstein-Kerslake
Curriculum Developer Specialist & Head Teacher