Buhisan's USA Martial Arts


Grandmaster Jim Buhisan established Buhisan’s USA Martial Arts in 1992 with the goal of creating a fun, friendly, family learning environment. GM Jim Buhisan is a very well respected instructor in the martial arts community. In his training he holds several black belts and master rank in different forms of martial arts systems. He is a champion coach in the competition arena and has produced several state, national and world champions in Olympic style tae kwon do and sport karate.

According to GM Jim Buhisan, he never intended to produce tournament champions. His main motivation was to help others to become the best version of them. GM Jim along side his instructor partner and 4x World Karate Champion Ramir Mosqueda have developed not only a strong self-defense curriculum but also one that has a strong emphasis of character development focusing on life skills such as respect, discipline and indomitable spirit.

Since Buhisan's USA Martial Arts inception, the school has established a reputation of a very family oriented training facility. Students and their families that come to train feel a sense of belonging through the journey of achieving their black Belts and beyond while succeeding both in and out of the studio. With the focus of helping students become the best version of them, Buhisan's USA Martial Arts has become an Award Winning Martial Art program in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

Free classes are available. Email us to apply.