Ever since we were kids, we wanted to play music. For years we attended our lessons, practiced until the wee hours of the morning, and formed bands with our friends, all the while dreaming of rock stardom. But that was a long time ago….

One night in the summer of 1993, we were hanging out after a late rehearsal talking about teaching music. We had each been teaching private lessons for a number of years, and agreed that the biggest problem facing our students was that they didn’t have the opportunity to play with other musicians. We talked about wanting to create a venue where our students could play together – one where we could offer them the kind of practical, hands-on musical advice that we wished we had gotten as younger players, but had to learn the hard way over years of working as professional musicians. What’s more, after a few weeks of practice, our students could even show off their skills at a live concert in front of family and friends.

We have staff trained to support a range of special needs.

Scholarships are available for those in demonstrable financial need. Please contact for details.


Andy Maag
Program Coordinator