Wheel Kids Bicycle Club, Inc.


Wheel Kids is……an adventure and exploration destination for kids.

We welcome children from 6 to 16 years of age.

We’re dedicated to youth bicycling, hands-on learning, supportive mentoring, and lots of goofing off and being silly.

Our Philosophy

Wheel Kids is devoted to letting kids be kids and doing the things they love to do

Kids love to ride their bikes

  • we teach them how
  • we teach them new skills
  • we ride alongside them

Kids love to explore & discover new things & activities

  • we guide them to places they’ve never been
  • we introduce them to new experiences

Kids love to learn

  • we provide opportunities to gain new skills & interests
  • we encourage hands-on immersion in everything we do

Kids love their independence

  • we allow for self-guided accomplishment
  • we provide “just enough” freedom within safe & supervised boundaries

Our goal is to get your child excited about cycling and to begin a life-long journey of health and fitness. Wheel Kids riders will learn new skills to make them better and safer cyclists. They’ll learn how to keep their bikes in good shape. And they’ll explore the Bay Area on their bikes: learning, discovering and – mostly – having fun!

We’re passionate about getting kids to use their bikes as vehicles. Not just for getting around, but vehicles for experiential learning – being outside exploring, learning, growing. To promote this we strive to:

  • Teach safe riding skills & habits
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve cycling skills and cycling etiquette
  • Encourage kids to consider their bikes as viable means of transportation
  • And have fun in a unique activity-oriented camp experience.

Scholarships are available. Visit our website for more information.