DJ’s Martial Arts & Fitness


While fighting is a major part of our training, it is not our primary purpose. The primary goals are self appreciation, self-respect, confidence, humility, integrity, honesty & loyalty

We offer classes for youth over the age of 5 years. Our martial arts programs require an enrollment fee with monthly dues. There are also additional costs for uniforms and periodic belt testing fees. Our Youth classes are on Tuesday & Thursday afernoon, and there is also a mixed level class (Youth & Adult) on Saturday mornings.

We offer programs for Rising Stars which is for our youth that have some challenges in their abilities to relate and learn, Wolf Pack are our youngest students, Young Warriors are our older youth who perform at generally higher belt levels. We also encourage the parents to train with their children.

Grandmaster Doug believes a family that trains together, will stay together. DJ’s Martial Arts & Fitness is truly a family oriented community. Here are just a few of our additional activities for all:

We hold a monthly movie night generally on the third Friday of the month. Pasta, juice, popcorn and a movie appropriate to a younger age group. Once a year we have a annual Barbecue, most recently at a local horse ranch. Each year we hold class photos that produce a plaque for our wall. This is our history of our training. During the summer we offer a morning DJ’s Kungfu Club Camp with martial arts, drumming, dance and a visit to a local horse ranch. See our blog for the current flyer. Support local Laurel District Community Event Day