Circus of Smiles offers affordable school based enrichment classes in the bay area. Our classes are about creativity and determination, and our teaching artists take great pride in creating an environment that is both collaborative and non-competitive. We have a variety of class offerings that can be tailored to your school's needs. A portion of the funds from each student's tuition goes towards supporting our outreach efforts for youth in Oakland and abroad.

One superintendent put it best when she said: “I have witnessed Circus of Smiles work wonders with supporting multiple students (my own child included) to overcome stage fright, find their voice, and express their creativity. My son is naturally shy… and the class has helped him to feel confident and has brought out his sense of humor. Because of Circus of Smiles, my son is not only able to get up in front of groups of people and talk, he can now get up in front of people, feel pride, and show his great sense of humor.” - Sara Stone


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Paula Parks
Co-Founder, Operations