Au Beau Séjour French Preschool


“The role of a director is to establish and sustain a right professional learning community. A place where parents feel at ease leaving their young children knowing they are in stellar care - a place where teachers see each new day as an opportunity to expand their competence and confidence and support one another in moving toward a shared vision of program excellence. Coralie Leclerc Sobhani, Preschool Director, created a great preschool at APM: her leadership inspired both teachers and parents; trust and patience were displayed and encouraged; creative lesson plan were put in place; 360-degree feedback from parents and teachers-a catalyst for growth and change. Coralie Leclerc Sobhani is an inspirer. She oversaw the day-to-day operations of her previous preschool. Her French and American educational backgrounds and experiences are exemplary. All California State mandated licensing requirements were observed and followed for the care and safety of her students, her staff.

Working with Coralie has been an outstanding experience. Her passionate approach to Early Childhood Education, and attention to detail, commitment to her students, families and staff, and overall professionalism are dependable, consistent, and remarkably contagious. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to work with Coralie. Au Beau Sejour will be a great success with her leadingship.