Our goal is to provide all round growth and promote personality development in our students using dance as a directional tool. Aerodance strives to empower its students with dance skills and values of life. Aerodance works towards this mission by implementing the following objectives:

  • Enhance creative faculties in students by exposing them to various dance forms and ensure that they attain expertise in each of them.
  • Impart age-appropriate concepts through purposeful, meaningful and functional dances.
  • Create global and multi-cultural awareness amongst our students.
  • Instill leadership qualities, self-discipline and problem solving skills through challenging dance routines.
  • Develop a strong base for personal integrity, ethics and team spirit in students.
  • Foster aesthetic sense and nurture artistic faculties through unique teaching methods.
  • Cultivate pragmatic approach to life in all the students.

Aerodance diligently works towards accomplishing its mission by paying personal attention to students ensuring their growth within the curriculum and in personal life. Students are monitored at close quarters and their progress is assessed periodically. We constantly take feedback to improve upon our efforts. Our choreography is based on three principles that are displayed in our dance routines:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Speed and Grace Our school offers Semi-Classical, Ethnic and Fusion dance programs that include various dance forms. These programs are created with an intention of providing a platform that provides students exposure to different dance forms from across the world. Aerodance offers classes in a well-equipped dance studio that creates an environment suitable for learning in a focused manner with a purpose. Aerodance believes in experimental learning and gives utmost importance to originality and creativity in performances. We encourage and empower all our students to participate in as many dance shows and competitions

We are driven to ensure that all students graduate from our school armed with a sense of self-assuredness and a determined will to succeed in life.


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