The King of Palo Alto, KOPA, or simply just Brandynn Williams, is one of the best up and coming trainers in the Bay Area. With over 11 years of training/coaching experience, Palo Alto native and head coach at Gunn High School KOPA has seen it all. From players that just picked up a basketball to players that play for a living, KOPA has been able to take their game to new heights. KOPA is a long time trainer for NBA star Jeremy Lin, Oklahoma City's First round pick Josh Huestis, UCF's Aubrey Dawkins, Stanford University Big man and Florida's player of the year Schyler Rimmer, Kentucky's E.J. Floreal and many more. KOPA brings a fire and an intensity to every workout that fuels player to push past their limits to tap into their full potential.

What makes KOPA such a special trainer/coach is that he seeks a relationship with every player he trains, he creates a bond with them not only on the court but off the court as well. KOPA has a fire that burns in him that he wants to transfer to every player that touches a basketball which is why KOPA is able to create such high level players.

KOPA makes the training environment much harder than the playing environment so when its game time its all EASY! And as KOPA always says, Train hard and win EASY!


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