Follow The Child LLC is a discovery of the outdoors, where students explore nature through both art and science. FTC offers outdoor programs in the Bay Area as week-long summer camps for ages 6-12.

Our mission is to improve childrens' Environmental IQ as they learn skills such as identifying a variety of plants and animals, and seeing for themselves how different natural systems work together. We understand that through a combination of science and art we can help students connect to their world in ways that most schools never can.

Activities include tide-pool scavenger hunts and building driftwood forts, hiking through primeval redwood forests searching for banana slugs and salamanders, drawing and painting, creative writing, and so much more.

We take pictures of our outings and look forward to your child narrating their own personal adventures and discoveries. The world is a book, and each day of camp is a new chapter that each child is encouraged to write for themselves.

We believe that children are the authors of their own knowledge, and we simply match them to the natural places where they acquire that evidence firsthand.


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Jay Levin