Camp Marco Polo is a cultural immersion program in Palo Alto for kids interested in art, culture, and history - ideal for gifted and social emotional learning.

Our program explores beyond STEM into the history of technology and trade along the Silk Road through creative hands-on projects and role-playing activities, where children can discover complex interconnections between East and West, art and science, past and present.

In addition, Camp Marco Polo offers a series of creative learning kits for the home called Caravan in a Box, which received the prestigious Gold Seal of the Mom's Choice Awards for Best Educational Product of 2019.

We offer ELL support. Contact for more information.

We can accommodate only if a family has a trained caretaker that can accompany the child. Our program is quite small and we have returning families that are very much a part of our community who are happy to welcome children with special needs to our mix.


Sheila Pfeiffer
Creative Director