Athena Academy is a non-profit private school established in 2010, devoted to educating bright children with Dyslexia. The school is located on a spacious campus in Palo Alto, near Stanford University. We serve grades 1-8. Our approach to teaching dyslexics is based on methods indicated by the latest neuroscience and educational research. We use a blend of teaching methods to accelerate learning for the widest range of dyslexic students. We provide:

-1 to 6 ratio of teachers to students in the elementary school and 1 to 8 in the middle school.

-Small, calm classrooms with an average of 6 students (elementary) or 8 students (middle) in the room with one teacher.

-A unique blend of teaching methods: advanced Visual-Spatial methods combined with traditional sequential and phonics-based methods to address the areas of weakness.

-Challenging classes in Advanced Science, Social Studies, History, Art, Technology, and Performing Arts to develop the students strengths and gifts.

-Teachers with excellent backgrounds and talent who receive in-depth training and ongoing professional development to enable them to provide outstanding education for dyslexic learners.

Programs are geared towards children with dyslexia. Support for other needs may be available.

Admission to Athena Academy is made without consideration of need for financial assistance. If accepted, you will be invited to apply for financial aid next.


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Shama Hinard
Head of School