Kindergarten Prep and Beyond


About Kindergarten Prep and Beyond

We strive to provide children with awesome childhood experiences. Well roundedness and balance is the goal here. We offer a healthy mix of academic learning, learning through play, and learning from experiences at frequent field trips. Our motto is, "Experience Fun with Academics in a Caring Environment."

​It's in children's long term best interest to be well prepared for Kindergarten. We hope that children will feel confident and competent the moment they begin elementary school. How they feel about themselves sets the foundation for success throughout their life.

There are many developmental benefits of learning through play. Some examples include neurological development, problem solving skills, social skills, pre-math skills, emotion regulation, creativity, and so on. I believe that toys double as a learning tool, and that children can learn so much more learning from many. We attend playhouses frequently to be exposed to even more toys, and a large circle time environment to prepare for the large kindergarten classroom environment.

Learning from field trip experiences gives children that vacation-feeling. Children get inspired to think, and create. That feeling of freedom recharges children, getting them ready for more focused learning the next day. Depending on the program, we go on field trips about 2 times/week on average.

​Young children respond best when they feel understood. I can easily put myself in a child's shoes and see their point of view. I use my intuition and memories from when I was a child on a consistent basis to select the best resources to motivate children in reaching their goals.

​Children get to participate in activities that develop fine and gross motor skills such as Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, Language Awareness & Literacy, Social Skills, Dramatic Play, and Math & Science.

​We are like a family. It's like a kid's clubhouse here. We joke around and can be silly sometimes. Children are encouraged to be who they are and have fun. Rules are important for us to be happy, healthy, safe, and strong (inner strength). We provide examples when the opportunity arises, and we emphasize that we care about the child's best interest.


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