The martial arts training school Blue Dragon, originally named Thanh Long, was founded by Grandmaster Chinh Nguyen in 1996. Grandmaster Chinh Nguyen began his Taekwondo training in 1962. He was an instructor at the Oh Do Kwan School in Saigon, Vietnam from 1964-1966 and Hand-To-Hand Combat instructor in the Vietnamese Air Force from 1967-1972. He opened his first school in Santa Clara California in 1989 with the vision that his school would become one of the oldest and finest martial schools in the bay area. Under his leadership and that of his son, Master Thac Nguyen, they both produced over 15 International Taekwondo Champions, 5 Junior National Champions, and over 300 California State Champions in nearly 10 years at their martial arts school. Since then, Grandmaster Thac Nguyen has continued the Blue Dragon legacy by producing many champions from the current Blue Dragon Tae Kwon Do Headquarters located in Milpitas CA. Grandmaster Thac Nguyen has received many awards for his continued work and dedication in the martial arts field. When Grandmaster Thac recieved the rank of Chil dan (칠단), or 7th Dan, he became the worlds youngest 7th Dan. Grandmaster Thac Nguyen currently holds the title of Pal dan (팔단), or 8th Dan and continues to personally teach every class.


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