The Studio School offers private K-8 education that is hands-on, flexible, and available through both indoor studios and an outdoor classroom. Our mission is to help students to grow toward self-actualization and wisdom. We promote intellectual curiosity and use frameworks for inquiry to give our students liberating and empowering mechanisms for learning, continuously deepening and expanding students’ literacy, knowledge and analytical thinking skills. Our educational approach works because it appeals to the student’s human drive to find meaningfulness in experience. As we understand experiences more deeply, we then understand the learning process and fields of knowledge more deeply.

At The Studio School, students come to view the popular domains of learning referenced in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) or the Common Core Standards (which is heavy on English Language Arts and Mathematics) as necessarily integrated with each other and with other domains of knowledge. Thus, our students will be on a path that synchronizes their ways of knowing with the way the human brain actually develops.


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