Camp Chesebrough is a, 544 acre site located in the Santa Cruz Mountains just west of Highway 9, 1.8 miles south of Skyline Boulevard, between Castle Rock State Park and Long Ridge Open Space Preserve.

Camp Chesebrough is home to many wild animals, including deer, coyote, fox, raccoons, skunks, wild (feral) pigs, bobcats, and occasionally bears and mountain lions, to name just a few.

Birds inhabiting the area include stellar jays, many species of thrushes, warblers, woodpeckers, the yellow-throated vireo, Acadian flycatcher, rose-breasted grosbeak, and several species of cuckoos. Broad-winged and Cooper’s hawks also breed in the area, and barred owls, whip-poor-wills and wild turkeys are also found in the area.

Native trees include coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), Douglas fir, Monterey pine, Ponderosa pine several species of live oak and deciduous oak, big-leaf maple, California buckeye, California laurel or bay and madrone. Other native plants include wild ginger, brook foam, creek dogwood, California hazelnut, wood fern, California strawberry, tanoak or tanbark oak, California blackberry, thimbleberry, blue elderberry, knobcone pine, western sword fern, bracken fern, California coffeeberry, wood rose, woodwardia fern, yerba Buena, creeping snowberry, California nutmeg, poison oak and the hoary nettle.


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