Joan Bourriague’s Preschool


Encourage individual way of learning and a successful transition to elementary education.

At JB Preschool, children experience a nurturing and caring environment. We feel this is the best way to develop a positive self-concept that leads to a successful transition to elementary education. Children are engaged in activities that foster positive feelings which help to develop a healthy attitude about learning, themselves, and their fellow students.

Joan Bourriague’s Preschool follows a developmentally appropriate philosophy. Children will be taught in the ways that encourage their own specific way of developing and learning. They will be challenged just beyond the level of their present ability and will be given opportunities to practice newly acquired skills.

​The primary goal of any preschool should be to encourage social and language skill development. Further goals should include helping the child develop independence, acceptance of responsibilities, self-discipline, and self-expression, we provide an excellent curriculum, staff and environment to accomplish this.

Our mission is to develop an individual program for your child to help them grow into confident and motivated learners while further solidifying the development of the child as a whole.

Our Focus

  • Promoting self-esteem and building confidence
  • Operating on the premise that learning is fun
  • Developing positive social skills and responsibility
  • Following a teaching style specific to each child’s needs
  • Offering a small class size and a 1:6 Adult-to-Child ratio
  • Preparing children for elementary education and success in kindergarten
  • Engaging children in interactive, age-appropriate learning tasks
  • Having a schedule that includes indoor and outdoor activity periods, both structured and unstructured play, and a daily snack and lunch time


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