Preschool staff carefully plan developmentally appropriate activities for each child using the Constructivist theory. This theory is based on the idea that children learn best, and are more excited about learning when they are actively involved in constructing their own knowledge through interacting with the physical and social world as they understand it.

The teachers in each classroom carefully make their daily lesson plans, focusing on the total overall growth and development of each child in the areas of Social, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. Monthly lesson plans are posted in the office.

Physical Education classes are held each Tuesday and Wednesday in the fellowship hall. These P.E. classes aim at helping children develop skills related to movement. Children are asked to wear sneakers and pants for easy and safe movement on P.E. days. Two Physical Education teachers teach this class.

Ward Parkway Preschool has been accredited by the Missouri Center for Accreditation of Early Childhood Education Programs since 1985.

Ward Parkway Preschool is a founding member of the Christian Preschool Association, and a member of the Association for the Education of Young Children.