St. Gabriel Learning Center


St. Gabriel is a great choice for educating young minds and providing a solid foundation for high school and beyond. Here at St. Gabriel we create learning environments that require our students to be critical thinkers across all subject areas. Together with our students' families, our teachers work diligently to provide a rigorous learning environment where we believe that all students can and will learn. Our school follows the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese curriculum standards. With the emphasis on a strong curriculum, our students commonly score two years above grade level on standardized tests. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to accommodate the needs of the individual student and encourages interaction between families and staff members. Core subject areas are complimented by classes in music, art, physical education, computers, library, and religion. During religion, students are taught Bible history, Christian values and Catholic traditions along with attending student-led Mass weekly. Throughout the school year, students participate in service projects which provide a practical experience in learning to answer God's call to serve.

St. Gabriel provides a close knit learning and faith based community where its members feel comfortable and at home. I am so proud of this school that has served the Kansas City Northland for over 50 years. I look forward to meeting new families, providing tours, and answering questions.

Scholarships are available. Contact us for details.