San Joaquin River Parkway


The River Parkway Trust offers a variety of services in our three program areas of Conservation, Education, and Recreation.

River and Land Conservation

The River Parkway Trust provides a wide range of program services to protect and restore the San Joaquin River. These include:

  • Working with willing landowners to protect land through land purchase and donations for public open space, or conservation easement transactions to protect habitat and working landscapes such as agriculture or ranching
  • Restoring stream-side forests and important habitat to fish and wildlife
  • Increasing public awareness of the San Joaquin River as a vital public resource
  • Participating in public planning efforts on issues affecting the river

We welcome campers with special needs so long as having them in a group does not prevent the counselor from performing the basic functions of their job.

Scholarships are available. Please contact for details.

We offer scholarships for River Camp, though the deadline for applications is in April of each year.


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Molly Schnur-Salimbene
Community Programs Director