Fresno Dolphins Swim Team


The Fresno Dolphins Swim Team is a full-spectrum age group and senior swimming team, affiliated with USA Swimming, Inc. We provide facilities and programs which encourage young people to reach their full potential in competitive swimming and water polo.

There is a place within the structure of our team for young people of all ability levels; from the beginning swimmer who can barely swim one length of the pool, to the collegiate swimmer with Olympic aspirations. We guard against the "too much, too soon" syndrome. We strive to develop swimmers in a graduated system which encourages consistent improvement from their elementary school through collegiate years.

Swimmers are placed in groups after our coaching staff evaluates their age, skills, and level of commitment. As these factors change, swimmers progress through the program. There is a gradual increase in time and effort required as each swimmer grows toward their full potential. We want all our swimmers to experience the joy of collegiate swimming. With this in mind, we set a sure, steady course, and encourage our swimmers to follow it.

Financial aid available. Contact provider or see program details for more information.


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