Aikido of Fresno is a dedicated Aikido Dojo offering over 17 hours of training each week.

Our mission is to transmit the system of Aikido in a way that encourages self realization. To provide a safe place to be challenged, explore and learn. To help others gain martial knowledge and ability.

Aikido of Fresno was born from Fresno’s first Aikido group that formed sometime in the late 1970’s. Aikido of Fresno became a full time Dojo in Fresno’s Tower district in 1993. Aikido of Fresno made it’s home in the Tower district for over 20 years, teaching hundreds of Fresno residents the art of Aikido. The Dojo recently moved (July 2014) to its current location a large (3000sqft) warehouse at 3333. W. Sussex Way. Aikido of Fresno is the Central Valley’s largest Aikido school and only full time Aikido Dojo. We teach traditional Aikido forms, as well as a modern practice for Aikido that helps bring Aikido into our current time and culture. We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of Aikido.


Sensei Christopher Hein
Head Instructor