Yellow River Chinese School


It is the center of Mandarin Chinese education in the East Bay. In 1995, Yellow River Chinese School started with only two classes and 60 students. Now, it has grown into a bustling hub of activity and culture, and expanded to over 700 students in more than 30 classes. Yellow River Chinese School offers all levels of Mandarin Chinese education, from beginning introductory classes, to advanced classes that involve in-depth analysis into traditional Chinese poems and literary works. It is the only Chinese school to offer courses in Chinese from the Chinese Mainland.

In addition, the school offers extra-curricular courses in Chinese Chess, Art, and Basketball, just to name a few. The instructors are highly qualified and experienced. Some of them are highly renowned scholars in the People's Republic of China, and have come to teach and research in the United States. Each class has an excellent ratio of teachers to students, and each student receives personal attention from their teacher.


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