COVID-19 Update: In-person spring programs canceled. Find at-home activities for California or Kansas City, MO
Table Tennis America
42638 Albrae St
Fremont California 94538
Price Options
Option A: Full Day (9 am - 3 pm) $390/week
Option B: Full Day (9 am - 6:30 pm) with free extended care $490/week
Half Day/Per Week $290/visit
Drop In Per Day $65
Drop In Per Day (Option A only available to beginners) $95
Drop In Per Day (Option B) $125
Early Drop Off/Week (Optional) $25
Early Drop Off/Day (Optional) $8
Lunch/Week $30
Multi-Week: for the third week and beyond $10 off
Group Buying of 2+ (No more than 1 TTA student in each group): Each kid $10 off