We started in San Ramon in 2003, where Mr. Simon taught his first struggling student (now in college) to read. After operating out of Mr. Simon’s home, we moved to an office in Niles, and now we are located at 39267 Mission Boulevard in Fremont.

Why choose us? Small groups mean we can address each individual’s needs. While we have a set curriculum, pacing and focus depend on student needs, not worksheets or schedules. High standards mean pushing kids harder than they are used to, but the payoff is huge. Nothing builds self-esteem like actual accomplishments.

GATE students find our classes challenging. There is always a next step, and the further they go, the harder the steps. We have former students attending Harvard, Berkeley, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, and many other top schools. Our focus on critical thinking means “good enough” is no longer good enough.

Regular education students learn to perform like never before. After working with us, earning an A in English and acing a writing sample comes easily.

Students with learning disabilities receive instruction in small, comprehensible steps. As the incomprehensible becomes comprehensible, confidence grows. Little steps yield big gains over time.


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