Classic Math School is a nonprofit organization, designed for promoting Math study among school children in the response to broadening concerns regarding the situation with Math Education. Many official and unofficial resources and surveys confirm the unfortunate fact that American students lack basic math knowledge, to say nothing about advanced math studies. Inconsistency and repetitions together with lack of systematic approach in teaching Math around the country can be named as the major weaknesses of American schools.

In our efforts to improve the situation, we, as a group of math professionals (and concerned parents at the same time) have established the Classic Math School to utilize our well-respected Russian Math Education and classic traditions of various teaching experience.

Our mission is to create a system of Math Education parallel and supplementary to the public education. Primarily we target mathematically gifted children who will thrive in the challenging learning environment; however, we have several options for children of all ages and abilities, who will definitely benefit from the small class setting and systematic approach to Math.

Tuition fee discounts are available. Please contact for details.