Bald Eagle Sports Camps


The mission of Bald Eagle Camps is to provide youth with Development Zones that teach leadership skills through sports activities. In just our 5th year we have crystallized the company vision of becoming the nations top K-12th-grade system of activities and experiences built with the end goal of producing confident, positive, contributing leaders of the future. We believe sports is the perfect medium for kids to learn and experience leadership as you grow from age 5 to 18, so we are building a Development Zone System of activities that will never stop improving and expanding. Bald Eagle Camps takes a number of avenues to create the perfect culture that allows children to develop as leaders while giving them a safe and fun place to play. First, we teach the Positive Coaching Alliance message to our campers, certify our entire staff as PCA Double-Goal Coaches, and plug parents into the PCA support system.

Secondly, we design all of our programs, games, and activities to make every camper feel included, encouraged and inspired to be their best. Finally, we take extreme measures to deliver our programs in a manner that facilitates our campers to tangibly experience being a leader. We don’t just tell them what leadership is, we let them live it. We offer all of this in a “5-STAR” service package which sets us apart from every other youth organization in America. This tri-fold approach creates a palpable culture at Bald Eagle that you and your children will feel the moment you attend one of our events. As the first ever Positive Coaching Alliance Approved Camp, we aim to instill the qualities of a Triple-Impact Competitor into each individual. The real benefit of those traits aims to help youth compete against the challenges in life and on the playing field.

Some coaches have extensive experience with special needs children. Contact for more details.

Has a specialized scholarship program for foster children. Please contact for other financial aid opportunities.


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