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Be a Coder - Learn Java

Camp for ages 12 - 16
1 week, Jul 6 to Jul 10
Full-Day/Week (Thru March 1) - $455 (see options)
1 more schedules in other areas
Bethel Lutheran School
10181 Finch Ave.
Cupertino California 95014
Price Options
Full-Day/week (Thru March 1) $455
2nd week full-day $430
3rd week full-day $430
Extended Day (Morning 8:30-9am)/week $36
Extended Day (Afternoon 3:30-5:15pm)/week (Palo Alto Etz Chayim, Oakland) $90
Extended Day (Afternoon 3:30-5:15pm)/week (Berkeley) $95
Extended Day (Afternoon 3:30-5:30pm)/week (Campbell, Los Gatos/San Jose) $105
Extended Day (Afternoon 3:30-6pm)/week (Palo Alto El Carmelo, Cupertino) $115