Camp Imagineerz is a unique bay area camp where STEAM meets Mindset. Our goal is help children become positive and confident makers.

Put simply, we help children learn that our own attitudes and reactions have the power to change the outcome. We explore this concept in various ways — stories, games, activities, and hands-on design projects.

We show children how to identify obstacles, give them techniques to problem-solve and ignite the spark that makes them go ‘aha, i think i can do this’. And to top it off, our campers have a summer filled with outstanding fun and epic adventures.

We know that summer camp can get expensive. However, Camp Imagineerz can be life-changing and we want to make it accessible to all.

If you would love to have your child build an “i-can” mindset, but are only able to pay part of the fees, please contact us, we have some scholarships we would love to hand out.


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