Mission Statement

Our classes not only build good technique, but also focus on building a “whole” individual. We train our teachers to encourage students mind, body and soul. You will discover that our studio is a fun and enjoyable environment while learning a variety of styles and good technique.

Philosophy of Dance

Just B Dance believes there is more to Dance than just movement. Anyone can learn how to dance but not everyone can learn how to perform. We find that love to perform through dance and express ourselves through the Art of Dance. Dance gives students the confidence in themselves through their technique while performing from their heart.


We have designated an observation week, noted on our calendar in the back of our handbook. This is the time when you can observe your child’s progress. We do not allow parents to be inside the classroom but can view through the window; this is to guarantee the best dance education experience for all of our students.


Just B Dance is committed to family-safe music. Music will have a positive message. Music conveying inappropriate ideas or using inappropriate language is strictly forbidden.

Monthly Newsletter

Just B Dance has a monthly newsletter. This will be sent out at the end of the month to inform you of the “What's Happening” the following month. This will be sent out via email and a great way to know what’s happening at the studio.

Financial aid is available. Email us for more information.