The Bay Area Writing Project


This three week camp gives children who are interested in writing the time and opportunity to explore many different paths in their writing. Our time will be spent doing many things including in-depth instruction, structured writing time, flexibility in what types of writing our campers want to pursue, ample time with trained writing teachers, guided group and peer response, and daily opportunities to share writing with a small or large audience. The goal of camp is to help students discover the conditions and habits they need to write their best. Although having a three week camp offers a wonderful experience in and of itself, the teachers strive to help campers grow into independent writers.DSC_5178 Instruction includes craft lessons –how to write dialogue, how to create a believable character, how to incorporate imagery into one’s writing — as well as method lessons — how to get started, the ins and outs of drafting, how to get a lot out of your peer editors. During the three weeks of camp, our young writers grow in confidence and skill. Freed from the pressure of grade or criteria of a structured assignment, they are able to explore their interests, discover their strengths and take risks that they might not in a traditional school setting. At the end of the three weeks, they know what they know and are encouraged to apply these skills and habits to carve out time to write in and out of school.