At Project Ember, we build big. We teach kids how to safely use professional power tools, announce a surprise design challenge, and unleash our imaginations in our design sessions. Then we build it, test it, improve it, play with it, ride on it, and show it off. Though every week is unique, one thing is guaranteed: kids will always be able to get in, climb on or operate creations of their very own design.


Project Ember is committed to increasing access to our summer day and overnight camps through full and partial scholarships. Our scholarship fund is comprised of internally allocated resources as well as community donated gifts. We believe that project-based education promotes curiosity, creativity, collaboration as well as self-reliance, and empathy - skills that pave the way for a life of pride and fulfillment, no matter one's personal definition of success. We are striving to build a robust and safe program within reach for all interested kids, while maintaining our commitment to competitively compensate a staff of talented professionals.

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Joshua Rothhaas and Katie Richmond