BrasArte's ongoing children and adult programs attract nearly 1,000 new and counting students to Brasil's rich and diverse culture on a monthly basis. One of the few arts and cultural organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus specifically on preserving the traditional dances and music of Brasil, BrasArte focuses on providing events and activities which enrich the lives of both Bay Area residents with Brasilian roots and those with an interest in discovering more about Brasil's extensive traditions.

BrasArte presents several annual activities thru its arts and culture program. These include: Yemanja Arts Festival (February), Carnaval Ball (February/March), Sao Joao Festival (June), Camp Erê (June July), Lavagem (September) These activities seek to introduce and inform attendees about Brasilian culture. Each event coincides (as closely as possible) with the actual date of the festivities in Brasil. Participants create and/or observe artistic elements that represent the history of the activity. BrasArte also offers dance/music workshops, dance/music performances and performance opportunities in parades and at festivals. BrasArte immediately established itself as a major cultural organization by sponsoring two phenomenal tours -- the first by Nicinha Raises de Santo Amaro (one of the oldest folkloric groups in Bahia) in 2001 and the second by Ile Aiye (Bahia's first and oldest bloco afro (Afro Brasilian carnaval group) in 2003. Both tours presented theater and festival performances, public school workshops and provided the general public with the opportunity to attend master classes. Since 2000, Camp Ere has immersed over 1,200 children in Brasilian culture.


Conceição Damasceno
President & Artistic Director