Jose Valdez Math Institute


Since 1989, the Valdés Math Institute has offered both middle-school and high-school students a unique, math-intensive program over 7 weeks each summer. In addition to a focus on building individual math skills, classes focus on study skills, problem solving, and collaborative learning. As a result, our students are enabled to advance at least one full-grade level in math and be ready for Common Core Integrated Math 1 success (at a minimum) as they enter high school, with the ultimate goal of their taking and passing Calculus prior to graduation.

The Valdés Math Institute is for Middle and High School students primarily from Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, covering Basic Math through Pre-Calculus. Classes are held at local college and university campuses (to the extent possible depending on available space), providing an environment that promotes college awareness and attendance.

Financial assistance available. Please contact for information.


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