Alameda Martial Arts


Our mission is to: "Build Bendy Burly Bodies and Brains" and we've been doing that since 1995. With over 25 years of experience, we are skilled instructors who can read bodies and motivate young minds in a thoughtful and productive way.

We believe and teach that as citizens of Earth our motto is:

"Tread light. Live Right. Play Fight."

Tread light means to live well with as little impact on the Earth (physically and materially) as possible. We are responsible for this planet and it is imperative to make conscious choices about consumption and support initiatives that protect the air we all breath, the water we all drink, and the land and sea that we all depend on.

Live Right means to take right action in all relationships especially with regards to social justice, equity, and diversity. This also encompasses learning from past mistakes and asking for forgiveness.

Play Fight means that we want to have fun practicing martial arts, exercise, and meditation techniques in a community of like-minded people who enjoy training hard, finding humor in life, and making good decisions on a daily basis.

Our slogan is: "The More You Sweat the Better You Get" and we teach that it applies to everything in life.

Alameda Martial Arts offers our own unique brand of mixed martial arts: LockBoxing™. Our LockBoxing Black Belt Academy is dedicated to giving students a broad education in martial arts as well as the social and emotional life skills that come with team training and group fitness.


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