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Youth Jobs+


SF Youth Jobs+ is a city-wide program to help young adults (ages 16-24) find employment. The goal in 2015 is to provide 7,000 jobs and work opportunities! This initiative is a partnership between the City of San Francisco, United Way of the Bay Area, the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the San Francisco Unified School District, youth-serving nonprofits and the San Francisco business community.

We partner with top employers around San Francisco—companies like Starbucks, Levi’s, Old Navy, and Target—and connect youth to the hiring managers looking for new employees! There are two main ways we can refer youth to employers:

Employer Events: At an employer event, hiring managers for a company interview (and sometimes even hire!) candidates on the spot. These invitation-only events are one of the best ways to get hired through Youth Jobs+.

Direct Referral: If an employer is not holding any events for their job opening, Youth Jobs+ will send the resumes of qualified applicants directly to the hiring manager for the position, who will then follow up with candidates they would like to interview.