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Visions of La Moda


Visions of La Moda Fashion Studio for Youth, is a free high fashion program for youth of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds ages 12 – 15, located in San Francisco’s Bayview District. Our purpose as volunteer fashion educators is to provide a high level fashion industry education through sewing and design (including mathematics and measurements), fashion illustration, fashion marketing/merchandising, public relations and the languages of French and Italian to young people. The education and training provided will enable our students to develop the skills necessary to become high fashion industry professionals.

The instructors are highly educated and speak several languages. They sacrifice greatly through their time, effort and personal expense with preparing college level lesson plans for our students. As a result of our commitment to our students, some have been placed in hands-on internships and paid positions in San Francisco and New York City. They have also been given full scholarships for pre-college online summer classes from San Francisco's Academy of Art University, one of the top fashion schools in the country. Our goal and expected outcome is not only to prepare kids for top colleges, universities and careers in the high fashion industry; but also to prepare them to be good citizens of the world.

Our mantra is "EXCELLENCE ONLY - MEDIOCRITY IS NEVER AN OPTION!! We strive for students to aim for greatness, with the understanding that high achievement comes at a high price of which some are not willing to pay! The students are required to have good attendance and seriously involve themselves in the class curriculum.

Students are accepted into our program via an intensive interviewing process with the student candidate and their parent or guardian. If you would like further information regarding our interview and application process, please contact Chief Youth Counselor, Julia Barboza, M.A. for further information. Visions of La Moda is a year round program and classes are FREE. But there is a REQUIRED, NON-REFUNDABLE $50.00 application fee.


Traci Peace-Greco
Founder/Executive Director