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Temple United Methodist Church


Here at Temple we understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be one big welcome mat to all people. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you’ve been through, or what baggage you may be carrying.

You are welcome here. And you are welcome just as you are.

Think about it. In the rest of our lives, we get accepted or tolerated based primarily on how well we meet other’s expectations, but in Jesus Chris you are already loved and accepted.

If you are OK with Him, then you’re OK with us.

So I invite you to come into this site and get a taste of Christian community. Come visit us in person and understand we are not perfect. We are not always right, but we do always try to follow God's Love in Jesus Christ as our path through this life. We are, as one member noted, "an imperfect people striving to follow the perfect wonder of God's love in Christ Jesus".

No specific language support, but many students are ESL and we work to accommodate their needs.



Suzie Ng
Office Administrator