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Take My Word For It!


“Take My Word For It!” is an original creative writing program for kids offered on after-school and community-based settings. Taught throughout the Bay area, our program encourages kids to find their writer’s voice.

What happens when kids are given the freedom to go wherever their imaginations want to travel? Wondrous sights, sounds, textures and characters emerge accompanied by stunning metaphors, astounding alliterations and captivating dialogue.

“Take My Word For It!” is a word incubator—a place where kids can have a grand old time as well as feel safe and supported while they grow as writers. We believe that when imaginations are ignited, young people are more engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

We are a social skills camp for kids with special needs-- specifically autism. Kids with additional special needs are welcome, on a case by case basis. Counselors will do their best to accommodate their needs, but may not be trained to manage the requirements of every child.

Details of scholarship program: http://camps.berkeley.edu/scholarship-program/


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