Trang này cũng có sẵn bằng tiếng Anh

Price Options
Session 1 (4th Week Session - June 18 – July 13) $4880
Session 2 (4th Week Session - July 16 – Aug 10) $4880
8-Week Session $6960
Breakfast Club: Light breakfast and games /day. $5
Swim Club: Lessons and games. Open to campers 5 and up who can swim independently /day $25
Saddle Club: Horseback riding lessons. Open to camper 2nd grade and up in 4 & 8 Day Camp who can ride independently. Limited availability; enroll early /day $65
Twilight Fishing: Fishing down at the docks /day. $30
Reservoir Club: Crafts, sports, and quiet activities at the Reservoir. Free when you register by 1:00 pm Friday the week before activities /day after $15
Sibling $200 off