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Petits Pas Yoga & Dance Studio


Enjoying a moment in time…Et si nous prenions le temps...

By combining a variety of classes (Yoga, Ballet, Barre au sol & Modern jazz), Petits Pas celebrates our senses and teaches us to express ourselves through mixed movements.

Petits Pas is a yoga and dance sanctuary where any age group can discover how to express new emotions and have FUN doing so!

Dance and Yoga are two disciplines with one common objective : Connecting mind and body via self-discovery. Our program is designed to inspire, nurture and encourage our students to gain confidence through expression inside and outside of the classroom.

Petits Pas is a safe haven where children and adults can be free of all daily constraints and learn to reach their full potential.

A Petits Pas, join us and together let’s express ourselves and share this wonderful life.


Virginie Personne