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Pacific Piano School


Pacific Piano School offers individual Piano, Violin, Voice, and Guitar lessons as well as group Piano and Music Theory classes in Evergreen, CA.

A native of Belarus (former Soviet Union), Mr. Kosovskiy began piano studies at the age of 6. Since coming to the United States in 1999, Dmitriy has participated in numerous local and national competitions and in 2002 began his undergraduate and graduate studies in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at the University of Washington under the guidance of Prof. Craig Sheppard and Prof. Patricia Michaelian.

While at the University, Dmitriy has performed numerous times with UW Wind Orchestra, received numerous awards and scholarships and performed as a soloist with UW Symphony Orchestra several times.

Upon competition his Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy in 2009, Dmitriy began his tenure at the Polonsky Piano School, now Pacific Piano School (PPS), where he has taught 30-40 students on a weekly basis, some of whom have already participated and were prize winners at National and International competitions. In June 2013, Mr. Kosovskiy has become the new Director/Owner of PPS.


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Dmitriy Kosovskiy