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Mission Blue Camp


Our core instructors are very familiar to Brisbane school district kids and parents. Ilana Caplan is the district art teacher. Holly Rios is a Brisbane mom and teacher at Lipman Middle School. DeeDee Porter is a Brisbane mom and managed our 2016 camp. Ken Walker served two terms as a board member of the Brisbane School District and has coached multiple sports in Brisbane.

Mission Blue Camp is a program of the Brisbane Youth Sports Association, a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting sound bodies and minds (EIN 94-2778997). In addition to the Mission Blue Camp, the BYSA also provides soccer and general athletic skills training to younger kids, ages 3-9, through the Fun Motion Soccer classes.

Scholarships are available

We want our camp to be accessible to all kids who want to attend. If your child wants to attend, but you cannot afford the full fee, please tell us what you can afford and we will work with you. The Brisbane Youth Sports Association has supported kids with scholarships for over a decade. We plan to continue doing so with this camp. Please apply after registration opens for the 2017 camp. The request deadline is April 30.


DeeDee Porter
Camp Director