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LearningRx Fresno


Is someone you love struggling to keep up in school, work, or life? Are you? When learning, reading, or remembering is hard, life can be more difficult than it needs to be. Our programs train the cognitive skills the brain uses to think, read, remember, learn, and pay attention, and we serve struggling students as well as children and adults of all ages. To find out more about what our programs can do, please give us a call, drop in for a visit, or email us at fresnone.ca@learningrx.net.

Why not find out what LearningRx can do for you or someone you love? The first step is scheduling a Cognitive Skills Assessment to discover if any weak cognitive skills might be making life harder than it needs to be. Call us today to get started!

How We Can Help You

LearningRx works with struggling students and even adults, training the cognitive skills the brain uses to read, remember, learn, and pay attention.

Many struggles with learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills. At LearningRx, we identify weak skills using a comprehensive Cognitive Assessment, and then we target and train those skills by pairing clients with personal brain trainers for fun, challenging exercises for the brain. We call it brain training. Our clients call it life changing.

To see a snapshot of the cognitive abilities of a child or adult who is struggling to learn or read, take our Learning Skills Discovery Survey. It’s a short, 3-minute questionnaire you can take for yourself (or for someone else) that can give you insights regarding the cause of the struggle.


Rene Bautista
Owner & Director