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Learning Without Limits Charter School


LWL aspires to provide rigorous, culturally relevant and empowering education grounded in caring, leadership, achievement, and perseverance. The school is founded on the belief that caring relationships allow students to lower their affective filter, facilitating learning. When students feel valued and understood they are able to bring their full selves to the classroom. In this context, students grow into leaders who are problem solvers, who set good examples, and who know how to communicate effectively with different audiences. LWL’s students are resilient, persevering through challenges because they are self-directed, self-motivated learners who can drive and advocate for their own learning. Our school was designed through a partnership between families and teachers who shared a dream of what a school should be. This partnership, as well as the new partnership with Education for Change, drives our school’s decisions as we relentlessly focus on the continuous refinement of high quality instruction, strive to close the achievement gap and raise empowered leaders who will exit our doors on the path to college.


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