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Kalaamandir Art School


Our art school is based in Fremont, California. We offer art lessons for people of all ages. We also teach children with special needs. Beginners (kids and teens) start by learning to draw and sketch objects  and still life and are exposed to various art media like crayons, oil pastels, markers, water colors and poster colors; then they proceed to freehand drawing, nature drawing, memory drawing. Apart from learning to sketch and draw they also learn creative art like glass painting, scratch art, embossing, foil art, acrylic painting, clay art (ceramics), charcoal drawing, paper art, rock painting, candle decorating, silk embroidery, string art, sand art, murals and quilling.Adults learn Traditional Tanjore style paintings, Traditional Mysore style paintings, Tanjore painting on glass, embossing and one stroke painting.To encourage kids and to motivate them we also have art exhibits/sale of the items which they make in the art school. Every year in the art month of March, our students’ art work is exhibited in the Alameda County Library, Fremont.Kalamandir Art School students are informed regularly of art contests and are encouraged to participate in them. They have won many prizes all over USA. Some of the contests where they have won include the Alam contest and have auctioned their work for several hundreds.


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