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Jamestown Community Center


Jamestown’s philosophy is simple – provide youth with as many positive experiences as they need in order to grow up healthy and productive. To accomplish this goal, Jamestown employs very intricate strategies.

First, we use well-researched youth development theory and practice as the underlying framework for program design, implementation, and evaluation. This approach emphasizes young people’s resiliency in the face of challenges and recognizes their natural urge to grow up to be successful adults.

Second, we offer youth the opportunity to participate in Jamestown year after year, from age 5 to 18, and in many cases beyond. To deepen their engagement, youth are encouraged to join more than one Jamestown program. As young people and their families become further immersed in the organization, they develop strong relationships with our staff, allowing us to continuously respond to their needs.

Jamestown aims to keep youth safe, active, learning, and involved. Ultimately, we hope to watch these youth graduate from both high school and from Jamestown.

Scholarship only available for Programming form 9-5pm and must commit to the full 7-weeks of program.


Myrna Melgar
Executive Director