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Hunters Point Family


The Hunters Point Family’s mission is to prepare youth to become independent, strong, and productive adults through comprehensive support services that empower them to develop their full potential.

Our Vision The Hunters Point Family vision is to strengthen and empower our youth so that they may become wise, compassionate, and powerful leaders who will help transform Bayview Hunters Point into a thriving and healthy community.

Our Purpose *Strengthen and retain Black youth and families in BVHP, with emphasis on public housing residents *Build strong, committed, and principled community leaders *Promote economic self-sufficiency throughout the community *Promote mental & spiritual health *Strengthen families

Our Extended Family Model Since 1997, HPF has used a distinctive family-based model to create social, educational, and recreational services that build supportive and interdependent relationships among the participants, their families and staff. All activities are informed by the culture of the neighborhood, thereby allowing youth to thrive in their own community.


Takai Tyler
Executive Director