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Hearing and Speech Center


By providing a holistic approach, we can ensure that our clients have the skills, knowledge and technology to pursue their interests and meet their needs. The Hearing and Speech Center offers audiology, assistive technology, speech therapy, counseling for individuals and families, support groups, educational programs, afterschool youth groups and a transition group which helps young people develop life skills. In addition to our immediate services, the Hearing and Speech Center is active in advocating for the rights of individuals with hearing loss, through work with city agencies, senior and community centers, and through our programs with parents. The Hearing and Speech Center has a wide range of professional expertise. Our office houses seven audiologists, with specialization in Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, Pediatrics, and Central Auditory Processing Disorder, and four Speech/Language Pathologists. We have four counselors including one Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and one certified Teachers of the Deaf. Our programs aim to provide people with the technology, skills and knowledge to live fully and independently.


Darragh Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer